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We know people are struggling in silence.
When we know better, we do better.

EVERYONE struggles. This includes parents, healthcare workers, firefighters, police officers, social workers, public servants, teachers, animal care workers, celebrities, artists, children of all ages. Nearly everyone we know has felt an impact from trauma whether directly or indirectly.   

"You have the power to hold yourself back or heal yourself back together. 
Ultimately, you make that decision." 
Kimberly Resch

“In this time of global uncertainty and dis-ease people need to relieve stress and require tools to proactively traverse the current state of the world. Many people don’t realize their current reactionary experiences are a direct result from childhood trauma.” 
Brian Ross

Awareness & Education is the Beginning of Healing

  •  60% of adults report abuse or other difficult family circumstances during childhood
  • 26% of children age 4 & younger in the U.S. will witness or experience a traumatic event 
  • 20% of all children have experienced sexual assault or sexual abuse in the past year
  • ​11% of girls age 14-17 experienced sexual assault or sexual abuse during the past year.
  • 20% of children witnessed violence in their family or neighborhood during the past year
  • 50% of all children around the world were assaulted at least once in the past year
  • 40% of children in the US say they experienced a physical assault during the past year
  • ​10% of children were injured in an assault
  • ​Did you know that trauma cost more than $585 billion dollars every year? 

Can I make the hurt stop?
Can I feel real connection?
Is it possible for me to heal from trauma?
How do we learn to feel safe enough to keep going?
Am I trauma informed? 

We are creating a Trauma Informed Society
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  The Film "Light in the Darkness" is a Transformative Experience

Director's Statement

Light in the Darkness: Living Well After Trauma is intended to generate awareness around post-traumatic stress (PTS) and create a knowledge of post-traumatic growth. We have had the chance to talk to a very diverse group of survivors brave enough to share their stories. I know people will be shaken to their core by what some of these people have been through and moved to tears by how they have continued to live after tragedy. When we set out to make this film it was very important to me that, in sharing these powerful stories with the world, we would specifically avoid making purely “trauma cinema”; that’s to say, I did not want the movie to just be people telling the audience about the worst things that have ever happened to them. While this is watchable and entertaining, it does not help as many people.

Thus, while we included survivors’ stories to help bond the audience with these souls, it was important that we didn’t stop there. We wanted to leave the audience with hope in their hearts—either for themselves if they are suffering or for their loved ones. To this end, the film seeks to teach the viewer about the true nature of this normal reaction in the brain to an abnormal event and that it has real, physically observable consequences for the body and brain. While making the film I was quite surprised to learn just how physical a mental disorder really is on the body. I think many viewers will be just as surprised.

It was important to highlight the number of different paths that people can take to recovery. Most are familiar with the basics (such as therapy and pharmacology), we quickly discovered that these are not the only solutions out there. We spoke with numerous experts, looking to highlight alternative treatments which could, hopefully, give people a starting point. The goal with this was to emphasize the fact that the most effective treatment is the one which you resonate the most with.

Upon screening this film, it is my hope that both survivors and their loved ones will understand post-traumatic stress better and go on to be a light in the darkness for themselves and others.

In its entirety, the film, Light in the Darkness aims to educate, empower, and enlighten. There exist many alternative medicines and ways to improve the reality of living with PTS, and this is one of the major messages of hope the film delivers. We share exciting new developments in research, alternative treatments such as brainspotting, and discuss how practices such as the martial arts can provide structures of discipline and mental strength.

Furthermore, the values of music, family, support, and a plethora of other positive solutions are discussed as a means of encouragement for those suffering from PTSD. In doing this, the film aims to facilitate healing; both for those who are affected by PTS as well as the people close to them.

BONUS :  Dr. Donese Worden, NMD
Medical Advisor for the film   
shares "Meditation as a Option" 

Films like this are giving you tools, providing information and empowerment to take yourself from that darkness back into the light, to hear stories from others, hear from physicians, those that are working in the treatment world, people who know that you can get better.

~ Dr. Donese Worden

Dr. Donese Worden, Naturopathic Doctor

Donese Worden, NMD, Board-Certified Physician, Researcher, and Global Educator is the featured, medical expert in the Light in the Darkness documentary. Dr. Worden is reknown for identifying unique healing modalities and bringing them to the forefront putting her on the vanguard of integrative, naturopathic medicine. She has the distinction of a Masters in Communication, and was a former news anchor, and host of talk shows for NBC and ABC.
Donese frequently appears as a guest on various television and radio shows, including regular spots on Gaia TV. She is currently a co-host for OM Times’ flagship radio show, The Truth in Medicine, and also has a monthly appearance on the Regina Meredith Network for her web series, Health Bites. Dr. Worden has signed with Arizona PBS for a weekly television series called Dr. Worden’s Health Hot Seat and is currently in negotiations to move the show to a national network. 
Highly regarded for her life-changing work, she won the 2014 Hope Award for her significant contribution to the prevention and education of behavioral health. This award is given annually by Sierra Tucson, one of the country’s premier mental health hospitals and residential treatment facilities. Donese is passionate about educating people to take charge of their health using the best treatments from both conventional and natural modalities. 
A sought-after keynote speaker, Dr. Worden’s corporate clients have included State Farm Insurance, Boeing, The Mahoney Group, Whole Foods, Sprouts, Vitamin Shoppe, and Vitamin Discount Center. She is also a continuing medical education (CME) lecturer for the American Academy of Pain Management, the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, IOICP, ICIM, IPC, AOCPMR, ANMA, NANP, and various medical schools including U of A, ASU, Berkeley, SCNM and U.S. hospitals.
BONUS :  "Light in the Darkness"
Barry Goldstein, Original Music Score Composer & Musical Supervisor  
"Explains the Importance of Breath" 

When we put intention behind it and we start to include music as a program, that's when we're able to reprogram some of those emotions that are associated with PTSD.
~ Barry Goldstein

Barry Goldstein, Music Producer, Composer, Author

Barry has composed and produced for Television, Film, Major record labels and Top Ten Recording artists. Barry Goldstein’s musical experience spans many styles and genres from Co-Producing the Grammy Award winning track ” 69 Freedom special with Les Paul for Best Rock Instrumental in 2005, to providing ambient music for Shirley Maclaine.
In addition, as an artist, Barry reached the Billboard top ten albums on the New Age Charts with New York Times Best Selling Author Neale Donald Walsch. Barry ‘s CD “Ignite the Heart” recently won the Coalition Visionary of Resources Award for best World Fusion album of 2015!
BONUS VIDEO: Lifting the Stigma on mental illness has never been more important.
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"Light in the Darkness"
Film Crew

Kimberly Resch

Co-Owner, President, Conscious Content, Producer & Exec Producer 

Daniel Gartzke

Director, Editor, Shaman Motion Pictures

Joshua Murphy

Director of Photography, Shaman Motion Pictures

Brian Ross

Co-Owner and CEO of Conscious Content, Executive Producer 

Max Hauser

1st AC, Cinematography, Grip, Max Hauser Media

Mark Dexter

Cinematographer, Aerial, Gaff/Grip, Macgyver, Shaman Motion Pictures

Dick Resch

Executive Producer,
 Chairman of KI Industries

Barry Goldstein

Grammy Award Winning Musician, 
Original Score for "LITD"

BONUS : Discussing how to live well with PTSD
Tony Seahorn, Survivor & Dr Janet Seahorn, Expert  

  We invited 600+ impactful people in the medical, church, political and business sectors to screen our film. This was a special event about mental health awareness. 
We premiered "Light in the Darkness". This was the recap of that beautiful evening. 
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