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  • This is an ​opportunity of a lifetime to finally know that you CAN heal
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  • ​​We want you to have an opportunity to watch this film & more than 35+ bonus never before scene short films including interviews & educational videos that support the mission of healing through trauma
  • ​We hope you received some basic education on how PTSD changes the brain that in turn changes the body, more information is available in the film and lot more in the book
  • ​We hope you collected more tools for your healing journey to shift your brain back to wholeness
  • ​We want you to have access to experts in the trauma field who provide effective, transformative information to help us remember we can become a light in our own darkness. 
  • ​​We want you to experience deeply personal and inspirational stories of heart & hope from survivors living well through their trauma.
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A hidden epidemic affects nearly ten percent of the American population daily and for those it grasps, hope can seem like a distant dream.
 In a message of hope, the film provides an opportunity of support to so many who may be struggling through difficult mental health conditions; and by means of storytelling will offer a platform for education, discussion, and healing of one of the most common diagnosis in our country. By combining the expertise of Neurologists, Psychologists, and other experts, with the experiences of Survivors and their families, Light in the Darkness will reintroduce PTS to the national conversation at a time when trauma and mental health are meant to take center stage. An estimated 8% and growing of Americans will experience Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTS) at some point in their lives. PTS is a disorder where something major and traumatic happens, and after that major event, it creates a change in your life. Most people associate PTSD closely with Military Service; however, many experiences are capable of causing traumatic reactions through any individual. The symptoms from this occurrence causes ripples throughout a person’s life.

Coming Soon : The release of this film “Light in the Darkness” Living Well After Trauma will provide you tools to learn and grow from that include experts and survivors that have successfully moved beyond their PTSD and are living the life they deserve. Its release with be a special private screening available through our celebrity executive producers and film supporters that share this message of hope and healing needed right now. 

This is a very special experience and the first time in history you can purchase the "Light in the Darkness" film collection of more that 35+ supporting short films. This includes interviews and the behind the scenes videos available to you with Unlimited access for one week. You may be asking what that means, this means by purchasing an all-access pass to our film collection, you have access to this series. It's truly an unpresented viewing opportunity. So many resources have been curated that have taken years to develop and produce. We hope you enjoy this process to becoming whole again. 
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